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Road marking tape

Product with back adhesive mark pre-made by base material of synthetic rubber or aluminum foil; with features of good weather-resistance, long durability, easy application, safe and environmental-friendly, etc.; can be easily made into common mark line, word, symbol and pattern, etc. and widely used in roads of all levels, urban road, dock, airport, toll station, parking lot and other areas.

Automotive wiring harness

Automotive wiring harness tape,with stable and reliable overall performance are widely used in automotive industry to bundle and protect harnesses. They provide a secure and enduring protection for the harness, including wear-resistance, noise reduction, etc.The water-proof rubber mastic used by automotive wire harness is a kind of electrical insulation and water-proof sealing mastic with good self-fusion and flexibility. It has strong adhesion, corrosion-resistance and good anti-UV features and is used for water-proof sealing of the automotive wire harness.

Electrical Tape

Rubber-based electrical tape, taking polymers as main body with excellent insulation, water-proof sealing and weather resistance performance, which is of easy, safe and reliable application; it can be widely used in all kinds of insulation and water-proof sealing sites in power, mineral, steel, petrification, rail transport and other industries.

Our Advantage

Global production and market

Brite-Line ® , a professional global manufacturer of preformed harness tapes, road tapes and various high performance tapes, was established in America in 1986, with products well sold to North America, Asia and Europe.Brite-Line ® China was formally incorporated in Shanghai in 2021.

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Global Qualifications Approval

The road marking tape series of Brite-Line® has been tested by Transport Engineering Test Center of Ministry of Transport of the PRC and European BASt Test Center. All product indexes comply with national standard GB/T 24717-2009 and Level P7 of BASt test, and come up to the advanced world standards. Brite-Line ® China is also the first to pass BASt test on marking tapes in China.

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Professional R&D team

Brite-Line® has powerful R&D and technical support team including many doctors and masters of Chemistry and oversea and domestic experts to ensure the performance, quality and safety of Brite-Line® products.

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Company News

Projects | Brite-Line successfully works on major road in Bangkok, Thailand, road marking tape proves its strength again

Projects | Brite-Line successfully works on major road in Bangkok, Thailand, road marking tape proves its strength again


Recently, Brite-Line's road marking tapes have been successfully applied on an important road section in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. This construction is another recognition of Brite-Line's product quality in Thailand, and it also accumulates valuable experience for the product's future promotion and construction on a wider range of road sections in Thailand. As an important traffic route in Bangkok city, this road has 5 intersections with huge traffic flow and complex road information. In such an environment, clear, durable road marking products that are quick and easy to apply are especially important. Brite-Line's road marking tapes with their unique advantages fully meet the customer's needs. Brite-Line's road marking tapes are highly reflective, providing drivers with clear visual guidance during the day and at night, effectively reducing traffic accidents. At the same time, its convenient construction characteristics also greatly shorten the construction period and improve the construction efficiency. In addition, the tape also has the characteristics of safety and environmental protection, the heavy metal content in the product is zero, no pollution to the soil and groundwater, construction and removal process also avoids the traditional marking emission of large amounts of carbon dioxide, dust and noise pollution. The success of…

Exhibition News | Brite-Line Intertraffic Amsterdam show strength, new products received customer enthusiasm

Exhibition News | Brite-Line Intertraffic Amsterdam show strength, new products received customer enthusiasm


On April 16, the biennial international business exhibition Intertraffic Amsterdam kicked off at the RAI International Exhibition Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With a highly competitive product lineup, outstanding product quality and innovative product concept, Brite-Line has received many intended customers and professional visitors' consultation and praise, and recorded a record high number of on-site orders. Brite-Line has been deeply engaged in the European market for many years, and this time it specially showcases its newly developed durable marking tape, LUMI tape and a wide range of pre-formed marking tape pattern products. Durable marking tape through the German Federal Highway Research Institute BASt test, the highest level of P7 certification, many visitors on the scene repeatedly study the sample, and praised the product quality; LUMI tape was displayed through a customized experimental bucket, which intuitively demonstrated the characteristics of products that can continue to self-light under the scene without the support of light source, and many viewers queued up to experience and watch. The pattern-type preformed marking tape products are formed in one piece, with delicate colors and innovative patterns, which not only makes the Brite-Line exhibition hall dazzling, but also attracts many visitors to take photos and punch the…